Guarding forms an integral part of the security industry. It is our commitment to employing the right people and placing them with the right clients that sets us apart as a market leader.

Our portfolio of guarding services include retail, industrial, commercial, corporate, diplomatic, residential and estate management with security officers qualified from grade A to D.

We recognise the importance of establishing and maintaining lasting relationships. At EC Security we encourage continued communication, constant re-evaluation of client needs and stringent service quality control allowing us to build a rapport with our clients.

EC Security draws on extensive staff experience and excellent strategic alliances to offer a complete event protection solution on an ad hoc basis.


Armed Response

We offer full tactical armed response to EC Security clients with a team that responds without reservation. Their skills and expertise are kept 100% up-to-date by ensuring their participation in all relevant training, seminars and skill evaluations. We take an active interest in community safety and thus remain up-to-date with and, in many cases, respond to incidents that come up.


Offsite CCTV Monitoring

CCTV offers clients alarm/trigger-based off-site monitoring. The CCTV system transmits live video to our offsite Control Room when an event occurs our team responds immediately. An event can be anything from motion on the cameras, beams being triggered on the perimeter, thermal or infrared passives that are triggered or analytics on the cameras itself. Once this event occurs, the live video is automatically flagged to the CCTV offsite monitoring control room where operators verify it and implementing the client’s predetermined protocol. Protocols range from contacting Armed Response, SAPS, the site manager to switching the client’s premises lights on. The possibilities are endless. Insert our team right into your business with offsite CCTV Monitoring.


Technical Division

The trained technical division of EC Security is always on standby to assist with and ensure that everything from alarm installations to CCTV installations and everything in between function optimally to best ensure our clients’ safety.

Security Camera

Technical Division activities and systems include but are not limited to;

  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Installations
  • Remote Offsite Monitoring
  • Panic Systems
  • Gate Motors
  • Electric Fencing
  • Intercom Systems

Emergency Medical Response

EC Security, in partnership with EMER-G-MED, provide our clients with the best priority Emergency Medical Response Service in the industry. This partnership gives our clients access to the benefits of a sizable state-of-the-art medical response fleet, world-class expertise, and extensive specialised equipment.


Roadside Assist and Vehicle Transport by EC Assist

EC Assist offers prompt and professional roadside assist services to all clients within the West Rand area at no additional cost. If the team is unable to help they will arrange affordable light motor vehicle transport to a destination of your choice. This specialist division is supported by the uncompromising commitment to excellent customer service of EC Security and will ensure your vehicle is moved safely and securely using only industry best-practice equipment and expertise.

Regular specialised vehicle transport is available to car dealerships in the greater Gauteng area at highly competitive rates.

Contact us for a quote or to find out more.


Specialist Debugging – Surveillance Counter Measures

Actively safeguarding our corporate intelligence and intellectual property has become a necessity with the advancement and availability of technical surveillance equipment. Our vast range of counter-surveillance equipment is sourced directly from the UK and the USA and cover the entire scope of possible espionage threats. Our team of experts operate with full transparency and offer a complete solution to our clients including countering attempts in the process as well as identifying weaknesses to prevent future attempts.

If you suspect your business is under threat of malicious surveillance contact us today to find out more.

Cybersecurity and data privacy protection concept, lock, binary digits background

VIP Protection & Investigation

VIP Protection

Our International Security Agents are equipped to operate across all South African borders, specialising on the greater African continent but with a global presence. Along with the bodyguards from the Personal Protection unit, these specialists are highly skilled in all areas of personal and tactical security. We encourage participation in all relevant training, seminars and skill evaluations.

Our security drivers of the Secure Transport unit are equipped to transport valuable cargo or high risk passengers through technical expertise as well as bearing the appropriate arms for the particular assignment. Their training in high speed and defensive driving are continuous and is regularly tested to ensure a high level of quality.

The safety ambassadors of our Executive Corporate Level Security Unit are versatile and professional ensuring complete execution of specialised corporate security assignments from planning stages to completion. Their sophisticated security experience will add invaluable worth to the planning of a high level visit from itinerary planning, secure  accommodation selection, communication requirements, transport, venue selection, recreation and anything unforeseen that might arise.

Finger Print

Investigations Division

EC Security Investigations Services include risk management and investigation solutions within the areas of corporate, industrial, retail, insurance and personal sectors, customised through a thorough consultation with the client.

Personal Investigative Services:

  • Full consultation services
  • Case specific private investigation

Business and retail industry:

  • Business Intelligence
    – Company detail verification
    – Company director information
    (active and inactive)
    – Company auditor information
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover investigation and probing
  • Electronic Counter Measure Investigation (De-bugging)
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Pre-employment checks
    – Credit checks
    – Criminal record clearance certificates
    – Background checks
    – Qualification verification
    – Risk Control

Let us set up a specialised security solution with you

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