We give as much as we can without reservation or expectation – because we care!

At EC Security we tailor-make our services to meet the individual needs of each client. Our solutions are developed, implemented, monitored and controlled by our experienced management team. It is our commitment to quality that ensures lasting relationships with our clients.

Our CEO started EC Security in 1997 with 3 sites, 14 officers and 2 staff members. In 2021 we:

  • Secure 5 000 homes
  • Our average response time is less than 3 minutes
  • Guard over 200 Residential and Commercial Sites
  • Provide on average 120 free Emergency Medical Responses to our clients and the community
  • Facilitate approximately 2 600 community responses

Our People

At EC Security we recognise the part of our workforce in helping corporates achieve optimum safety and productivity. That is why, valuing our people, is one of the most integral parts of our business.

Our team is selected from individuals that hold true only the highest standards of personal integrity and pride. Once selected, we invest the necessary resources in their personal and professional development before placement. In doing so, we ensure clients receive only the best possible service and our staff obtain the highest possible level of job satisfaction. This then leads to a workforce that adds value to both our clients as well as our business objectives.

Management’s commitment to the workforce in recognition of their contribution to the effective and efficient progression of the business is expressed through real reward of internal achievers. Continuous in-house and external staff training not only empowers staff but ensures that each staff placement is well-trained and well-equipped to do a stellar job.

It is our recognition of on-the-job initiative, commitment and talent that allows for the promotion of staff from grassroots level to sector specialist, sector specialist into junior and then senior management.

Useful Information

Did you know you can now cancel your alarm from your Olarm App?

Olarm’s Cancel Responder feature lets you immediately cancel a user and/or loadshedding-generated alarm right from your Olarm APP while also notifying our Control Room Team. By cancelling your false alarm, you are helping your neighbours who may have an emergency!